Liebster Blog Award!!!

Thank you Conversations With The Moon for the nomination!


Here goes, according to the rules, 11 random facts about me.

1. I love the smell of chemicals.

2. I have a penis envy issue…

3. I played the flute in marching band

4. I favor fantasy to reality

5. I love Prince – which I’ve been told will dampen my dating success… but it’s Prince!!!

6. I have traveled the northern hemisphere and somehow missed the deep south of America

7. I love Cheese!!!

8. I only clean when I’m mad

9. I like my poorly trained dog more than most properly trained humans…

10. Wish I could draw and write without fear the way I did as a kid.

11. Before I found photography I was a competitive figure skater which is probably where #2 came from…

Questions to Answer:

  1. A particularly bored Dr. Who shows up with a properly functioning Tardis.  Do you ask to hitch a ride so you can change something about your past? I wish I had paid better attention in Japanese class.
  2. What makes your favorite movie your favorite? Hero’s – So I watch LoTR to get my hero fix.
  3. Which would you rather do: become fluent in another language or become an expert at a(nother) musical instrument? Can’t choose – I deeply believe both are important – not that I’m currently doing anything about it…
  4. Who is the most intelligent person you know? Dan Montes, the most intelligent person I actually enjoy having a conversation with….
  5. What’s your favorite idiom? Method in Madness
  6. Think about the last person you spoke to in person.  What color are their eyes? Hazel
  7. A wizard casts a spell on you and you have to live in any cartoon world, from film or TV, that you want.  Which do you pick? Adventure Time!!!
  8. Have you ever been camping? Yes? Does it count if it was horribly unsuccessful ???
  9. If you had to make a film about your family, which actor/actress would you cast for each member? I have way too many people in my family with way too distinct personalities to be able to do that. 
  10. What type of accent do you have? Californian dirty hippie.
  11. What is one thing that you wish every person on this earth could have? The freedom to utilize their individual talents and strengths –

Being a photographer I have to read other photographers blogs for inspiration and comfort during moments of creative block. So  I have a few favorite photography blogs I’d like to nominate.

Here are my nominees:

My photographic inspiration: Kelly Segre Photography

My Favorite Photography Business Rants: The Average Jim

My Favorite 365 Photography Project: Petra 365

My Favorite Sarcastic Humor: Frivolous Monsters

My Favorite Man’s Man Rants: Kelly 

Thank you for the honor!

One thought on “Liebster Blog Award!!!

  1. Thank you very much for the kind mention. I’ve long given up on doing this sort of thing, but thank you very much for the thought!

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